Melissa Rivers on First Oscars Without Joan: There Will 'Absolutely' Be a Void

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This Sunday will mark Melissa Rivers' first Oscars without her mother Joan, and on Thursday, the 47-year-old television host/producer talked to ET about the upcoming bittersweet experience.

It's also worth noting that this year is the 20-year anniversary since she and her mother first covered the Oscars red carpet, and essentially changed the way the the annual awards show is covered. "Who are you wearing?" suddenly became the most important question of the night.

"What's really hard to believe is the first Oscars red carpet my mother and I did was 20 years ago. It was 20 years ago that the kraken was released that makes everyone have to work all night. Sorry for ruining everybody's Sunday," she jokes.

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As for what made Joan's coverage so special, Melissa has a guess.

"The truth is when I really break it down, she was a fan," she muses. "And she was thrilled to be there and couldn't believe who she was talking to, and she always used to say it was the world's greatest cocktail party. You talked to everyone for two minutes so you were never stuck for conversation."

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But the show must go on, and Fashion Police debuted without Joan this year following the Golden Globes.

"Is there a void? Absolutely," she admits to ET, talking specifically about the show's big upcoming post-Oscars episode. "Will anyone be able to capture my mother's voice? Not at all."

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That being said, she has nothing but praise for the new additions to the cast of Fashion Police, including Kathy Griffin and stylist Brad Goreski.

"I love, love, love, love my cast," she says. "Right now, I love my cast, I love the direction the show is going. As I've said in the past, it needed to feel familiar yet completely fresh and different, and I think we're achieving that, so I'm really proud of them."

Watch Melissa's interview with 2015 Oscars host Neil Patrick Harris below:

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