Watching This Little Girl Playing Doctor With Her Patient Dog Is the Best Kind of Medicine


An “awwww!” a day keeps the doctor away*.

Dad Manuel Ruiz Villarreal filmed this video of his daughter, Noa, playing doctor with the family’s bull terrier, Neckar -- the family’s very, very, very patient bull terrier, Neckar. This dog needs to be sainted.

Noa is a very thorough doctor too. She gives Neckar his shots:


And takes a look inside his ears:


And listens to Neckar’s heartbeat:


It might be a little out of order -- she’s giving him shots before doing a basic check-up?! She’s going to lose her medical license! -- but she seems to have all her bases covered nonetheless.

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“Poor Neckar,” Manuel Ruiz writes alongside the video. “She gave him no time to escape his shots...And they say that the bull terriers aren’t loving?” Watch the whole video below:

Diagnosis: Adorableness.

[*DISCLAIMER: If you are currently suffering from an actual medical condition, watching this cute video will NOT cure you. Get your butt to the hospital ASAP! But after you watch this because it’s still sweet.]

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