This Kid Made the Weirdest, Most Wonderful Bar Mitzvah Invite (but His Brother Steals the Show)


On this day, a boy becomes a man becomes a viral sensation. Mazel tov!

Brody Criz
wasn’t content sending out boring, paper invites to his Bar Mitzvah. Instead, he made this video parodying Pharrell’s “Happy," John Legend's "All of Me," Lorde's "Royals," and, uh...Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”

It’s weird. It’s hilarious. And we respect the heck out of the chutzpah any kid has to have to put this whole thing together. Behold:

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And while Brody is definitely the star of the video, his brother steals the show. The rest of the Critz family seems more than game to play along for the video:

And then there’s Brody’s sullen brother:

Who is just having none of it. Whether genuine or not, his I-would-rather-be-anywhere-but-here-kill-me-please attitude is basically us everyday:

So while this may be your spirit animal:

(We feel like we’re going to be put in jail for watching that part of the video.)

This is ours:

Here’s a less successful Bar Mitzvah video: Iggy Azalea splits her pants while performing “Booty” during a 13-year-old’s party:

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