Taylor Swift's International Women's Day Celebration Looked Like the Best


International Women's Day is a day to recognize and appreciate women as well as celebrate their economic, political and social achievements.

On Sunday, self-proclaimed feminist Taylor Swift  showed the world how to have one of the best days — you know, with your best awesome famous lady friends!

"We are at our best when we cheer each other on and build each other up," she wrote on Instagram along a pic of her besties, which happened to include fellow singers Selena Gomez, the HAIM sisters and Ellie Goulding that day. Her other main besitie Karlie Kloss couldn’t make it, she had runways to walk at Paris Fashion Week.

Selena also posted a pic of the hangout session featuring a very leggy T.Swift in high heels. Talk about a fun group to have a girl's night with!

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This wasn't the only group of famous ladies that got together for the big day.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow got together with her famous friends including Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Larke Bell and Nicole Richie.

"Shouldn't everyday be all of us equally day?" Paltrow asked. "I guess we're not there."

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But many stars also acknowledged how far we’ve come posing as the iconic Rosie the Riveter, who photo represented the women who worked in factories during World War II.
Both Girls' Lena Dunham and singer Beyonce shared the "We Can Do It!" sentiment.

And while there were many images of female empowerment going around, Reese Witherspoon's eloquent message really served as a reminder of what the day represented.

"Today us women can celebrate our the rights we've achieved...and men can celebrate the women in their lives!!," the Wild star wrote on Instagram. "But it's also a day to recognize how far we have to go. So I've posted this festive shot to celebrate...but I've also removed my profile pict to also symbolize all the women still underrepresented, unprotected, and unheard all around the world."

Many shared pictures of the women in their lives, and like Witherspoon, many removed their profile shots to convey the message that we're still "not there" when it comes to gender equality, something Emma Watson also echoed in a International Women's Day Q&A she did for her HeForShe campaign.

Check out the video below to see little princesses drop f-bombs to support feminism.

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