This Adventurous Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday by Skydiving!


Georgina Harwood wanted a special birthday for her 100th.

The South African native celebrated being a centennial with an adventurous skydiving experience. Her hair blows in the wind as she's high up in the air with her instructor, and she couldn't be any more awe-inspiring.

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And just check out her flawless landing on two feet!


The reason Harwood looks like a pro -- she has sky dived before. She went in 2007 at the age of 92, but this jump was not typical for her.

"It's definitely a very special, exhiliarting experience," she said.  "Even this jump seemed to be a different from the previous ones, and it's just wonderful."

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Once she was safely on the ground, she drank her champagne. Cheers to being 100 and to 100 more skydiving experiences for Harwood!


For now though, she wants to mix things up a bit by going underwater in a shark cage for her next big adventure.

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