Ellen DeGeneres Thinks She Would Want Kids, But Will She?

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Ellen DeGeneres is used to asking questions about celebrity babies, but this time, the tables were turned.

The 57-year-old talk show host sat down with the Today Show's Matt Lauer and answered questions about her personal life.

Ellen and her wife of six years, Portia de Rossi, have always been pretty adamant they will not have kids. "You have to really want to have kids, and neither of us did," Portia told Out magazine in 2013. However, Ellen may be changing her tune a bit.

"I think I would. But that's not enough to have kids," she told Lauer when he asked. "I love kids. But that's such a big commitment. And it seems long-term. And I just don't know if I can — it's too risky."

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She then joked about The Ellen DeGeneres Show and how it will influence her thoughts about her own kid, "I'm gonna compare it to all these kids that I have on this show that are so smart and so funny. And I'm like, 'You are nowhere near these kids I had on today.'"

Ellen also touched on One Big Happy, the new NBC sitcom that she's executive producing about a family with a gay mother and a straight father. "The story is about best friends, and here's a woman who happens to be gay who wants to have a child,"she said.

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And don't expect it to be similar to her '90s sitcom, Ellen, about a bookstore employee trying to get through life. "My story on my [previous] sitcom was about someone who realized she was gay and came out, and what were the repercussions of that? This is a whole different thing," she explained.

One Big Happy premieres tonight on NBC.

Flashback to when Ellen wanted her own TV show in 1984.

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