Sarah Jessica Parker Turns 50! See Her Best Moments From Over the Years

Happy birthday, SJP!

Happy birthday, Sarah!

Sarah Jessica Parker turns fifty today, and the Sex and the City icon has been documenting the momentous occasion from her Instagram account all day.

First, breakfast courtesy of her beautiful twin daughters.

Followed by a trip up the Empire State Building!

All in all, it seems like an amazing birthday.

Food, family, NYC. We wouldn't expect anything less of SJP!

Fifty, by the way, has not been bad to Sarah, who posted this pic just days ago from a beach in San Juan.

Sarah's career took her from Broadway to Bradshaw, and ET was there every step of the way! Watch the video above to relive some of SJP's absolute best moments over the years.

We're going to go ahead and plan a trip to the Empire State Building.

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