Starbucks Has a New Birthday Cake Frappuccino and We Taste Tested It for You


For Starbucks Frappuccino’s 20th birthday, they got us a present!

Before we decide that Sbux is soooo generous and the best BFF ever, we need to taste the celebratory, limited-time “blended beverage”: The Birthday Cake Frappuccino. (If you have the time and find your interest piqued, you can read the history of the Frappuccino here.)

FYI, it’s is only available March 26 to Monday, March 30. So if you want to get your hands on a b’day frapp, the clock is ticking.


Now, what exactly is in a Birthday Cake Frappuccino?
∙Vanilla Bean
∙Raspberry-infused whipped cream
∙No coffee

The latter (lack of) ingredient surprised us a little -- it is Starbucks, after all. Give us our caffeine. Anyway, then you drink it all up with the signature green frapp straw. You know the one.

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This morning, a handful of ETonliners tasted the frapp and here are their 100 percent honest, uncensored reviews. Does it taste like birthday cake? Would we order it again? This is what they said:

“It does not taste like cake
, but could substitute for a dessert if you’re into that. I added a shot of espresso to mine and stand by my decision. Even though you can barely taste the coffee, at least I feel like I’m drinking it for a purpose.”

“The taste is familiar…but not birthday cake. More like a flavored medicine? Then again, isn’t coffee medicine for birthdays? I would not order it again but my Starbucks allegiance hasn’t faltered.”

“It does not taste like birthday cake, but it does taste like Captain Crunch Berries, which in my opinion is a plus. It’s super sweet though, and the color of the whipped topping is a little too artificial for me.”

“Visually, this is the Starbucks drink I’ve been hoping to hold in my hand for years.
Taste-wise, I thought I was drinking a bowl of Fruit Loops, not a birthday cake. The only way I would order it again is if they were giving them away for free.”

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“As a non-coffee drinker, I appreciated that this was basically just ice, milk, and sugar. I expected it to taste like a Shamrock Shake, but it actually just made me kind of want a Shamrock Shake.”

“I feel like I drank the inside of a Cadbury crème egg. Also -- Is that whipped crème or Pepto-Bismol on the top? Is the Pepto there to sooth your stomach after drinking liquid sugar?”

“It’s very pretty, like a Magnolia cupcake, but waaaaay too sweet. I could only finish half the tall. Does it taste like birthday cake? Kind of…but get out of my birthday cake, raspberry! Would I order it again? Nah. The limited five day run might be even be too long.”

This birthday present should have come with a gift receipt. But we’ll stick with Starbucks for another 20 years. Now, when is the latte’s birthday?

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