McDonald's Launches Fashion Line Based on Big Macs (and We Want It All!)


Have you always wished your clothing and home could reflect your love of burgers? If so, McDonald's has got great news for you -- if you live in Sweden.

This week, the fast food chain announced a line of Big Mac-inspired items, including underwear, bedding, and wallpaper. Right now, you can only get the items from the online shop if you live in Sweden, though a pop-up message on the site promises more locations are coming soon.

The burger giant even held a fashion show in Stockholm on Thursday with special guest Jessie J.

The first item on the site is underwear, though it appears to be the Swedish definition of underwear: Long-sleeved tees and tight leggings closer to long johns than what you buy at Victoria's Secret.


According to Google Translate, the product description for the underwear collection reads: "Now, the future is here! Finally you can stretch, run and sweat along with the hamburger hamburgers. Please enjoy, order your limited edition underwear now."

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Next up, we have some luxurious bedding.


The mangled translation: "Finally take the hamburger hamburger step into your bedroom. Order your new bedding today and slept with Big Mac in the morning."

Finally, for people who are ready to make a full-time commitment to their favorite food: Wallpaper.


"Now you can finally enjoy a wall! Order your new fund wallpaper today and cover your wall with Big Mac already tomorrow."

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And coming soon, according to the site: Rain boots, outerwear, and pet clothes in the burger print. All proceeds from the collection will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

McDonald's isn't the only new underwear game in town. We took a look at Heidi Klum's new intimates collection: