Dwayne Johnson Hulks Out as President 'The Rock' Obama on 'SNL'


Dwayne Johnson gave his funny bone a workout!

The former WWE star and Fast & Furious actor hosted Saturday Night Live this week. In the cold open, President Barack Obama was played by Jay Pharoah -- until he confronted John Boehner (Taran Killam), Tom Cotton (Kyle Mooney), and Ted Cruz (Bobby Moynihan), at which point he Hulked out and became President "The Rock" Obama.

Dwayne Johnson
, wearing a shredded dress shirt and suit pants, confronted his fellow politicians about their bad behavior. He threw John Boehner out a window, ripped off Tom Cotton's hand, and narrowly avoided decapitating Ted Cruz.


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Later in the episode, Johnson "starred" in a commercial for Disney's next live-action remake of an animated classic: Bambi.


Along with his crew, he takes down a hunting lodge as retribution for his mother's death.


In another sketch, he channeled Indiana Jones as "Dr. Bones," a hunky Ph.D./adventurer who takes an unfortunate blow dart to the groin. His sidekicks fight over who gets to suck out the poison.


This was Johnson's fourth turn as host of the legendary comedy show.

If you can't enough of what The Rock is cooking, you're in luck: He's set to be bopping along to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" on the upcoming Lip Sync Battle.

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How does Johnson stay so buff? He shared his secrets with ET last year: