Betty White Reveals How She Got a Black Eye


Find out why Betty White has a shiner.

Who gave Betty White a black eye?

The 93-year-old Golden Girl showed off quite the shiner on Jimmy Kimmel Live! -- so, what happened? Well, at first she blamed Kimmel's makeup artist.

"The makeup lady had a little problem with me and she hit me," she joked. "It was so unexpected! I thought she had a powder puff. She had her fist!"

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The real story is actually more mundane.

"I slipped and fell in the kitchen, of all things," she revealed. "I never go in the kitchen...because it's dangerous."

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Obviously, the show business legend didn't let the black eye affect her good spirits.

White went on to explain to Kimmel that she often gets driven now but loves to drive. He asked her what age she started driving, and without skipping a beat, she said, "I think I was 4. No, no, no. That was something else! That's when I lost my virginity!"

Betty never ceases to make us all smile.

Check out the video below to see her smile as Terry Crews lip syncs The Golden Girls theme song.

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