Diddy's Laughably NSFW Fragrance Ad Is Really Just Him and Cassie Having Sex

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Woah there, Diddy!!

The 45-year-old rap mogul dropped a too-hot-for-TV promotional ad for his first new fragrance in six years, 3AM, that pretty much just shows Sean "Diddy" Combs and his girlfriend -- 28-year-old Step Up 2: The Streets actress, Cassie -- having sex. Straight up.

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This is NSFW AF. Very explicit video.

WOW. Move over, Christian Grey, Mr. Combs will see you now!

Diddy told Style.com that the whole concept of the video is more about love than sex.

"That whole interaction has nothing to do with sex as much as it has to do with love. My concept is that love is the new sexy," said Diddy.
Yeah this video has to do with love alright. Bare. Passionate. Love.

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Now, to be fair to Diddy, he is an incredibly successful entrepreneur, who's not new to the fragrance industry. His first fragrance, Unforgiveable, made $100 million dollar in a year. Diddy then won a FiFi Fragrance of the Year award for both that scent, and his 2009 offering, I Am King.

From what Diddy tells Style.com, the insanely provocative video could be an attempt to make a bold statement in a cologne industry that isn't what it once was.

"A lot of people that were in the fragrance business before, they’re not here anymore, and that’s from the celebrity side and the brand side. Fragrance is an extremely hard business," said Combs, adding that he's back, "Because the game needs me."

Whatever you say, Diddy!

3AM, Combs' new scent, is out May 6.

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