Rita Wilson on Tom Hank's Support During Her Breast Cancer Battle: 'I Was Blown Away'

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There is nothing scarier than hearing the words, "You have cancer." One thing that helps? Unconditional support from family and friends.

That's exactly what Rita Wilson had in husband Tom Hanks after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The actress revealed last month that she underwent a double mastectomy. Luckily, the cancer was caught early, so Wilson did not need chemotherapy or radiation.

Now, in a new interview with The New York Times, the 58-year-old actress reveals just how supportive and caring her husband has been throughout her battle. Neither had ever been seriously ill, so these were uncharted waters to navigate.

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"You never know how your spouse is going to react in a situation like this," she said. "I was so amazed, so blown away by the care my husband gave me. It was such a normal, intimate time."

The importance of being "normal" during cancer treatment can’t be stated enough. The Hollywood couple spent a lot of time at home, laughing and watching movies before and after Wilson's mastectomy. "Who knew it would make you even closer?" she told the NY Times.

As if we weren't already swooning over Hanks for helping Girl Scouts sell cookies or starring in Carly Rae Jepsen's latest music video. Hanks and Wilson are the cutest couple!

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Even with unbridled support, which Wilson clearly has in her hubby, there were realities she had to face alone. She doesn't mince words when talking about the mastectomy: "Let’s face it -- it's an amputation." But when she does finally have the reconstruction? "I think it’s going to look awesome," she said.

Damn straight!

Despite being in the spotlight due to her job and 27-year strong marriage to Hanks, talking so freely isn't easy for Wilson. "I’m in public because of the nature of what I do, but I don't feel it necessary to let the world know what I'm thinking, where I'm eating," she said. "I've always liked being on the periphery of things."

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While she'd prefer to stay on the outskirts of conversations, Wilson is willing to open up about her cancer experience in order to help others. After a first test came back negative, she requested a second opinion. Wilson knew deep down that something was wrong, and unfortunately, she was right.

“For me, this is about telling people, 'You can get a second opinion -- your insurance will pay for it, even Obamacare, God bless it, will pay for it,'" she said. "It's so easy to say, 'I'm just being paranoid,’' but you should trust your gut."

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She still has to go through the reconstruction process, but Wilson has a ton of projects to look forward to. Her Broadway play, Fish in the Dark runs through mid-July. Then, she'll return as Marnie's mother on Girls, has a part in the film Brothers in Law, will be producing My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and is releasing a new album this fall. The actress-singer may even go on tour. 

Talk about not slowing down!

Wilson’s friends also showed an outpouring of support after the diagnosis. See their tweets in the video below.

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