Who was In on Noah Galloway's 'Dancing with the Stars' Proposal?

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On Monday's Dancing With the Stars semi-finals spectacular, Noah Galloway surprised everyone when, after an amazing first dance with his pro partner Sharna Burgess, he got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend Jamie Boyd to marry him.

It was a move that brought tears to fans' eyes, and will surely go down in DWTS history. But how did Noah pull it off? Well, the former Army soldier had some help from Sharna who was in on the plan the whole time.

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"Sharna's job was to hold the ring, and pass it to me," Noah revealed to ET's Angelique Jackson after the show.

"I almost didn't do well at that. I was so nervous I almost dropped the ring," Sharna confessed. "I was freaking out because I didn't want to drop it. I didn't even see our scores come up because I was just holding onto that ring so tight."

"But it was amazing. It was just such a beautiful moment to be a part of. And they’re so perfect for each other," the DWTS pro added. "To be there for that was just awesome."

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Noah shared why he decided to pop the question on live television with millions of viewers watching at home.

"I was very nervous, ya know? About what I was going to say, and if I [would have] time. Because it's in the middle of a show, so you gotta get it done, and you're limited on what you can do. And there's all those people in there," Noah said, detailing the array of obstacles his proposal plan had to overcome.

"And she could have said no! That would have been horrible."

That would have been pretty embarrassing. But, according to Noah, there was even a plan for that contingency.

"I was told by someone, 'If she hesitates for a second, we'll cut!'" Noah said, laughing. Luckily for everyone, Jamie said yes.

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"I love this man so much!" Noah's new fiance told ET.

Jamie also recounted what she felt like when Noah proposed, saying,  "It was like, 'Pinch me!' Never in a million years could I have imagined that he would have done it here. I had no clue."

And as for the gorgeous ring, Jamie was quite pleased.

"It's beautiful!" she exclaimed. "I would have picked it out myself."

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The couple's heartwarming love story took center stage earlier this season when Jamie made a surprise appearance on DWTS. The Army Reservist got permission to come home early from basic training, where she surprised Noah on live TV after he had just finished dancing.

Check out the video below to see more from the wonderful couple, back when they were first reunited earlier this season.

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