Melissa McCarthy Confronts Movie Critic Who Trashed Her Looks

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Melissa McCarthy proved that kindness can prevail -- especially when it comes to critics.

The Emmy winner shared with Ellen DeGeneres how she reacted to a man on the Tammy red carpet who told her that she should stop doing movies where she portrays "unattractive" characters.

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"He said, basically that I'm only a good actress when I look attractive and that my husband (Ben Falcone) shouldn't be allowed to direct me because he lets me look hideous in this movie," McCarthy recalled. "It was a lot of things. Just like, 'How dare women not look beautiful, perfect and attractive in a movie?' Would you do that to a man?"

McCarthy then explained to the reporter that she "put a lot of time and effort" into creating her Tammy character and worked on "having her completely not look like she cared about herself."

Not backing down, the man (according to the actress) said, "Well, you looked really bad."

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That's when the 44-year-old mother-of-two let him have it, but still remained sweet.

Upon learning that the man had children of his own, McCarthy asked him how'd he feel if his own daughter came home and said she couldn't have a job because she's unattractive. Would he say, "That's right"?!

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Suddenly, a light went on for the reporter, the actress said. "He took that in his heart and he was like, 'No, I would never want that to happen. I would never in a million years want that to happen,'" McCarthy recalled of the man's reaction. "I said, 'Just know that every time you write stuff, every young girl in this country reads that and they just get a little bit chipped away.'"

Further speaking to women's rights, she added, "I just think that we tear down women in this country for all these superficial reasons and women are so great and strong. I think he really heard that."

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Almost defending the man, referring to him as "kind" and "really loving," McCarthy told DeGeneres, "I think it's a bad habit we've gotten into and it's not that people are malicious. I just think it's so easy to take a swipe."

McCarthy then gave some simple words to live by: "Build it up."

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