Kit Harington Meets His Jon Snow Impersonators and They're Insanely Good!

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kit Harington isn't the only one who can declare, "Winter is coming."

On Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Game of Thrones star judged three Jon Snow impersonators who could easily replace the actor if he ever decided to leave the wildly popular HBO series.

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First up was Schaeffer Bates from Wales, U.K., who chose to read a Frosted Flakes cereal box as the Night's Watch leader. Bates really set the bar high, and even impressed Harington who said the impression was "not bad."

Up next was Charlie Farrell from Sherman Oaks, Calif., who read a house listing as Jon Snow.

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But it was Steve Love from Ottawa, Canada that had lots of Game of Thrones impersonations up his sleeve. Not only did he nail his impression of Ed Stark's bastard son, but he also did Varys, Little Finger and Jon's pal Sam. He chose to read a bottle of Pantene in honor of Harington's great hair.

The final challenge was to have the three impersonators say, "Winter is coming." While they were all unbelievably good, Harington still has our hearts!

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