This Guy Wore High Heels for a Day to Understand Why Women 'Complain' So Much


Brandon Cohen
of the website BroBible, which is kind of like Buzzfeed but with more boobs and less self-awareness, wanted to find out “why girls won’t stop complaining about wearing high heels.”

“We decided to show them what wimps they are, and straight up dominate the heel game for a whole day,” this video’s description says. “Except, things didn't quite go as planned...”

(Pro tip: Don’t read the comments. Nothing good ever comes from that.)

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Instead of his sneakers, Brandon decided to wear these pumps for the day:

And immediately regretted it:

He’s, uh...not a natural at walking in heels:

And, because this is BroBible, he has to say pseudo-douchey things like, “I’m getting the impression that my coworkers aren’t respecting me much. It sucks that I have to choose between being respected and looking good.”

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But mostly, he just realized that women generally have a better pain threshold:

“I feel like people love to talk about how girls are kind of like, pissy sometimes and in like bitchy moods,” he says at one point. “I completely get it right now. Like, I want to kill everybody.”

(We warned you it would be kind of douchey.)

Anyway, Brandon tweeted the next day that he was still feeling the pain:

Ugh. Better up till that last tweet.

Now, check out what happened when one of our favorite guys, Chris Pratt, tried running in high heels:

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