18 Iconic Landmark Locations Lit Up In Rainbows To Celebrate Marriage Ruling and LGBT Pride Month

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On Friday, people across the nation celebrated the Supreme Court's ruling that same-sex couples had the constitutional right to marry. The historic win was even more sweet because it came in June, National LGBT History Month. With LGBT folks and their allies already waving rainbow flags at Pride events across the country -- and big weekend parades planned in both New York City and San Francisco, among other cities -- the mood got even more celebratory -- and the rainbows even brighter!

Revelers began filling social media streams with with images of well-known monuments, buildings, and other landmarks across the nation -- as well as a few in other countries -- that have all "gone rainbow" to honor the Supreme Court ruling. Many of the photos are hash-tagged #RainbowRevolution and #LoveWins.

VIDEO: Celebs Celebrate Supreme Court Ruling On Gay Marriage

Here are photos of 18 landmarks all lit up in rainbow colors to celebrate marriage equality and LGBT pride.

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Celebs weren't shy about celebrating the ruling either! See reactions from Matt Bomer, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, and more in the video below: