Kate Middleton's Bangs Make Their Official Debut -- And They're Questionable at Best

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Kate Middleton's bangs have made their official debut, and they're … fine.

We had a lot of hope when we first spotted the cut on the Duchess of Cambridge on Sunday, when she was making her way to a church service in Scotland with Prince William.

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Now that the 33-year-old royal publicly put them on display while visiting the Anna Freud Centre in London on Thursday, we've come to see that the fringe is, well, questionable. Sorry to disappoint you, royal watchers. (But don't worry, we already feel your wrath.)

First off, they're pretty long for bangs, like she's in the growing out stage months before it's necessary to decide, 'Oh no, this was a mistake!'

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See, even she seems surprised. Like, what is this hair doing hanging over my eyeballs? What color is the sky today?

The strange length also means that when they get swept up in the wind, they stand up -- and stay there. Like a royal mohawk, if you will.


OK, fine, it's a faux-fauxhawk. Or the bangs will be attacked by a hawk if Kate's not careful. Either or.

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Although, from the side, this new fringe does look like the piece-y, stylish look the mom-of-two was most likely going for.

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Wait, now we're back to a straight-on view of the new hair. Maybe she was going for really long layers, starting at the top of her head. In that case, these strands have some fantastic body to them.

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Listen, every girl who has a shoebox full of school photos deep in hiding knows that bangs can be tricky. In fact, save for manic pixie dream girl Zooey Deschanel, they nearly always miss or at least succumb to some of the most awkward phases possible. No bang-wearing adult is immune to this hair disorder, not even Kate Middleton.

All the money in the world can't make bangs behave 100 percent of the time. Why, let us remember this:

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And this:

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And, of course, this:

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What we're saying, Kate, is that we feel for you. We know that this new 'do is going to be a process that requires a lot of product and time to get comfortable. But, in the meantime, we're just going to mourn the loss of this sleek style we coveted.

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At least Kate has plenty of fetching hats in her closet if she needs to pin that fringe back. After all, us common folk just have bobby pins. Isn't this more eye-catching?

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Blessed be thy bangs, we pray for you.