Shonda Rhimes Reveals She Lost 98 Pounds This Year

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Shonda Rhimes has created some of the juiciest dramas on television, but this year, she went through her own dramatic transformation.

The wildly successful show creator disclosed in an interview with Women's Health that she lost a whopping 98 pounds!

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"I realized I could either spend my life going, 'I wish I could lose weight,' or I could just do it," she said.

While Rhimes used her can-do attitude to achieve her weight loss goals, she admitted to the magazine that it didn't come easy. "Nothing is 100 percent fun all the time," she continued. "But I have never not done something with a pointed focus."

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ABC's TGIT (Thank God It's Thursday) returns tonight with the season premieres of Rhimes' series How To Get Away With Murder, Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. And fans can rejoice because it doesn't sound like Rhimes is cutting back on her shows' steamy sex scenes anytime soon.

"You can shoot someone in the face on TV and no one blinks. But people are shocked when you show sex," she said. "I hope my daughters (Emerson, Harper and Beckett) have amazing sex. I really do. I do not hope they grow up to shoot someone in the face."

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Rhimes added, "Representing women owning their sexuality is how it should be."

The 45 year-old has done just that, and has even gone up against the network for such scenes.

"Early on [on Grey's Anatomy], Callie and Arizona were kissing, and Arizona ran her hand up Callie’s leg -- and [the network] said we couldn't do that. I said, 'You are not going to tell me that a woman cannot run her hand up another woman's leg when we've seen Mark Sloan do all kinds of things to Callie,'" Rhimes recalled. "A great conversation came out of it, and things turned so everybody was on the same page."

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Is there anything she can't do?!

While the sex scenes are super salacious when they go to air, the bloopers of such moments are another story. These Scandal slip-ups are a must-watch!

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