Ariana Grande Gets a Few Scares During Pre-Halloween iHeartRadio Concert

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Ariana Grande had a bit of a scare on stage, but it had nothing to do with Halloween ghosts or goblins!

The “Love Me Harder” singer got in the Halloween spirit for her performance on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, California, on Friday night. She dressed up as Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, complete with plum lipstick and stitches and a leather corset dress with black-and-white striped fabric peeking out along the skirt.

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While her costume was adorable (as was her cow outfit from earlier in the day), the scare came when a phone was thrown on stage while she was being interviewed by iHeartRadio. The former Victorious star seemed more worried about the mobile device than herself, however.

“That’s so dangerous,” Ariana can be heard saying in a video taken by a fan in attendance. “What if your screen cracked?”

“She seemed concerned about returning the phone to its owner,” an eyewitness tells ET, who also said that Ariana handed it back to the crowd after the interview was complete.

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Not only did the phone catch the Scream Queens star by surprise, but she almost slipped on some water on stage! Luckily, Ariana wasn’t hurt and handled the situation like a pro, later telling ET that she thought the moisture might have come from the smoke machine, plus she had swapped shoes at the last minute and hadn’t been able to test them out during rehearsals.

Chris Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

The pre-Halloween performance also marked the first time Ariana played her new single, “Focus,” live, and she also revealed that Jamie Foxx is the male voice featured on the track.

ET caught up with the 22-year-old singer-actress backstage and found out how the collaboration came to be.

“We were thinking who should say this part, who is the right fit?” Ariana explained. “And we were like Jamie Foxx -- that would be crazy. I hate saying this, but ‘my people’ reached out to ‘his people,’ as they say, and it just sort of happened. And it just felt so right! It was so exciting.”

Another awesome part of “Focus” is the music video, which dropped along with the single on Friday -- and already has over 13 million views!

A blonde Ariana wears a star-covered leotard with matching gloves and shoes in the video, and her brother, Frankie, turned up to support his sister’s concert wearing that exact same ensemble.

“My brother was like Super Focus Man,” she told ET. “He had the stars from the video painted onto his body and just wore underwear and high boots.”

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How’s that for family support?

Ariana and Frankie have a next level love of the soon-to-be-retired reality show, America’s Next Top Model. Find out why the siblings are obsessed in the video below.

Reporting by Sophie Schialli.

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