Behold, the Victoria's Secret $2 Million, Diamond-Encrusted 2015 Fantasy Bra

Victoria's Secret

It’s our most favorite time of the year!

No, not Christmas or even our birthday. It's the unveiling of the new Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra, the most insane piece of underwear ever! Today, Vogue debuted the 2015 installment, which was designed by jeweler Mouaward and is modeled by Angel Lily Aldridge.

It’s supposed to be fireworks-themed, but we’re definitely getting more of a mermaid vibe. Especially when you watch Aldridge bop around to retro surf rock while wearing it. Ariel’s purple shells could never.

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Victoria's Secret

Let’s break the Fantasy Bra down by the numbers:

6,500: Number of gems used, including blue topaz and yellow sapphire.

1,364: Combined weight of all the gems used, in carats.

685: Amount of hours it took to make the Fantasy Bra.

375: Total weight, in carats, of the bra.

126: Number of diamonds used on the panties, alone.

18: Karat of gold used in the bra, obviously.

2: The amount, in millions, which the bra is worth.

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If that last digit didn’t pack a sufficient punch, let us repeat: The Fantasy Bra costs two million dollars ($2,000,000). You could almost buy Kylie Jenner’s mansion with that money. That’s more than most of the most expensive cars in the world, including the Aston Martin One-77 or Ferrari LaFerrari. That’s like, 40,000 regular Victoria’s Secret bras! One each day for the next 109 years!

You can see Aldridge walk the runway in the bra at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which makes its return to New York City and airs on Dec. 8 and 10:00pm on CBS.

Now, get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the most intricate outfit the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has ever created:

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