Tom Hanks on His 27-Year Marriage to Rita Wilson: 'We Got Married for All the Right Reasons.'

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are soul mates for life. Watch the Oscar winner gush about his wife of 27 years.

These days, it seems like most stars in Hollywood are either breaking up or hooking up. But there’s one high profile pair that has stood the test of time: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

The couple, who share two kids together, have been married for an astounding 27 years -- a feat for any relationship, let alone one under the bright lights of the entertainment industry.

ETonline caught up with the two-time Oscar winner at the Outfest Legacy Awards in Downtown Los Angeles on Thursday night, where he gushed about the secret to his long lasting marriage.

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“When we first looked at each other there was definitely a kind of (pointing to camera), ‘Hey, this is the place!’ I felt that anyway,” he said. “I think the end result is that we got married for all the right reasons.”

“Most of our friends have been married longer than we have,” he added. “We're kinda the young pups when it comes to it.”

The 59-year-old actor has stood right by his wife’s side during her recent cancer battle. In April, the 58-year-old actress revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had undergone a double mastectomy. Luckily, the cancer was spotted early, so Wilson did not need chemotherapy or radiation. She is now cancer-free.

“God bless the luck of the draw and the people who have been in her corner,” Hanks said.

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In May, Wilson revealed to the New York Times just how supportive and caring her husband was during her cancer treatment.

"You never know how your spouse is going to react in a situation like this," she said. "I was so amazed, so blown away by the care my husband gave me… who knew it would make you even closer?"

As if that weren’t enough to make you swoon over Tom Hanks, here are seven other reasons he is the coolest human ever in the video below.