Ryan Gosling Gets Goofy With Aidy Bryant in New 'Saturday Night Live' Promos

Dana Edelson/NBC

Ryan Gosling is the next celebrity in line to take over Saturday Night Live.

The 35-year-old actor is hosting the Emmy Award-winning sketch comedy show on Dec. 5, and in a new promo clip, Gosling gets goofy with cast member Aidy Bryant, who acts as one of his many female admirers.

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"Oh, weird, what does this card say? Ryan and Aidy kiss passionately for remainder of promo," Bryant jokes, pretending to read off the teleprompter while trying to keep it cool. "These damn writers. Well, I guess we gotta do it."

Hey girl, we like where your heads at.

Gosling chimes in, hugging Bryant and suggesting that the two "bond."

"Would you qualify this as a comfortable or uncomfortable silence," he asks, jokingly.

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In the second take, Bryant asks Gosling if he's tired. "I am tired," he admits. "I just wailed on my pecs."

Bryant replies with a not-so-sly pick-up line. "Oh, 'cause you've actually been running through my mind all damn day."

Watch the full promo video below.

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On Friday, the official Twitter account for the NBC show posted a snap of Gosling and Bryant, simply captioning it, "Can't wait for Saturday."

While we patiently wait to see what types of skits the Gos will pull off with the SNL crew on Saturday, watch the video below to see him hilariously react to the "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal" meme created by late Vine user Ryan McHenry.