Russell Crowe Lashes Out at Airline After Kids Aren't Allowed to Bring Hoverboards on Flight

See how the airline responded to the actor!

Russell Crowe had to learn the hard way that a ban on hoverboards aboard flights is being taken very seriously.

The 51-year-old actor lashed out at Virgin Australia after he was informed that his children would not be able to bring their hoverboards along with them on vacation due to in-flight fire concerns.

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"Ridiculous ‪@VirginAustralia. No Segway boards as luggage? Too late to tell us at airport.Kids and I offloaded. Goodbye Virgin. Never again," he tweeted out Monday night.

Virgin Australia quickly and politely responded to the upset Academy Award-winning actor and explained why they, along with many other airlines, have put a ban on the boards.

"@russellcrowe‪ Hi Russell, due to safety concerns over the lithium ion batteries in hoverboards, these have been banned on all major Australian airlines and many around the world. We're sorry you were not aware of this prior to check-in today. We hope to see you on board again soon," they wrote in a series of three tweets.

Crowe appeared to have missed the response, tweeting at the airline again and demanding an explanation.

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‪"@VirginAustralia‪ I'm awaiting your reply, where is your duty of responsibility in this? Why not tell me when I am booking my ticket?" he tweeted.

Once again, the airline replied and explained that all the information about what is acceptable to bring on flight had been outlined in an email he received after booking his ticket, adding that “safety is our number one concern.”

Many stood up for the airline, replying with comments like: "It's there in black and white old chap. No lithium batteries. You are in the wrong," and "Russell Crowe upset about being treated like the rest of us?" "Hoverboards are catching fire....I don't want one on my plane, either."

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The popular holiday gift has also been banned on most major airlines in the U.S. and on British Airways. The new policy was put into place after many reports emerged saying that the two-wheeled skateboards spontaneously bursts into flames. The cause is still unknown but some believe it has to do with the lithium batteries.

Crowe isn’t the first star to us social media to vent about flight frustrations. See why Alyssa Milano went off on an airline in an epic twitter rant in the video below.