Christina Aguilera Absolutely Slayed a John Lennon Classic

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Slay, Xtina! Slay!

Christina Aguilera was out in full force on Tuesday night, performing a John Lennon classic in support of her pal, Linda Perry. The latter hosted a star-studded soiree at No Name Club in Los Angeles, California, in honor of her song "Hands of Love," written for the film Freeheld.

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Aguilera took the stage to deliver a powerful cover of Lennon's heart-wrenching 1970 song "Mother" and brought the house down. See for yourself in the clips below. 

The singer was in good company at the festivities -- co-hosted by Tobey Maguire, Kerry Brown, Aguilera and Perry's wife, Sara Gilbert -- which also included classic rock performances from Perry, Juliette Lewis and Courtney Love, who sang Radiohead's "Creep." Miley Cyrus, who recorded "Hands of Love" for the film, was not present, but Perry couldn't stop raving about the pop star in an interview with ET.

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"I expected a hurricane to pop in -- I'm not going to lie," Perry teased. "She was just so contained and so graceful and gracious, and just wanted to be of service to the song and the movie. Whatever she could do to help is what she came down to do, and she sang the song amazing. I think she did, like, three takes. I said, 'Well, why don't you just give me a fourth one -- what the hell?' And she's been so supportive.

"I really became a big fan of her from this experience," Perry added.

The event marked Perry and Gilbert's first night out since their baby boy, Rhodes, was born last February.

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"He's a total dude and he's funny," Perry gushed about their son, with Gilbert chiming in about his "strong personality."

"[He's] very stubborn," Perry added, "but he's very likable. He trusts people fast, he wants to approach you and that's great. He feels secure and in himself."

Last year, Perry and Gilbert teamed up with their family to release the children's album Deer Sounds. ET was with the couple and baby Rhodes in September and captured an adorable serenade from Perry to her child. See the sweet moment in the player below.

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