Kourtney Kardashian Shows 'Life-Changing' Way to Eat a Kit Kat Bar That Truly Baffles the Mind

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Oh, Kourt. We love you.

Break Kourtney Kardashian off a piece of that Kit Kat bar, and she'll show you a painfully complicated method by which you can consume it.

The 36-year-old reality star shared a trade secret for eating the sweet treat to her website and app subscribers on Monday, and it's six steps long. That's fully five more steps than any person should reasonably conceive of, but here we are.

"I'm gonna show you guys something that Kim taught me," she said. "How to eat a Kit Kat. It's pretty life changing."

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In case you are unable to watch, here are all six steps:

1. "Break off one Kit Kat."
2. "Eat chocolate off each end."
3. "Eat chocolate on each side."

4. "Separate and eat the top [layer]."

5. "Separate and eat the bottom [layer]."

6. "Eat the middle."

Correction: After this entire, arduous process, you will have consumed ONE HALF of one Kit Kat bar.

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Even so, Kourtney swears by the method, saying it "tastes so much better" than eating it like a human.

"I would never even dream to just eat a Kit Kat and bite into it," Kourtney added.

To be fair, the mother of three argued that the benefit of this whole process is how lengthy it is.

"It makes you eat less because you're eating it so slow," Kourtney argued.

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You've got us there! Although, after watching the video, all we want is a thousand pieces of chocolate immediately.

This is just some of the wisdom Kourtney has imparted on her app, which Kim recently slammed for being delayed due to Kourtney's baby, Reign.

“Everyone in life has a baby and they work, like, 10 jobs," Kim argued for why Kourtney should have released the app on time. "You're not special. Sorry."

Watch the video below.