Flashback: David Bowie Said Fatherhood 'Helped Me Grow Up' in 1987

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No doubt about it -- David Bowie could light up a room.

The late icon was all smiles in a sit-down with Entertainment Tonight back in 1987, discussing his Never Let Me Down album, but showed off a real sparkle in his eye while chatting about his teenage son, Duncan Jones.

"My son has helped me grow up an incredible amount," Bowie gushed. "What he teaches me is a bunch of enthusiasm for everything he approaches and it's great. When you're that age, the world is so big and the horizon is so massive and everything is possible, which is a rejuvenating kind of thing.

"And for him," Bowie added with a laugh, "I think he kind of finds it fun that I like the Sex Pistols more than he does."

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Even with a rock star for a father, then-15-year-old Duncan seemed to know already that the music industry wasn't for him.

"He likes music, but it's not like it's an integral part of his life," Bowie said. "He likes about as much as any kid likes music, but I don't think he'd consider a career in it, no. He's much more sort of sports-oriented than that, really. That's what he likes at the moment. He'll make up his mind eventually what he wants to do."

Duncan, now 44, went on to become a film director, producer and screenwriter. His credits include Moon, Source Code, and the upcoming film adaptation of Warcraft.

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Bowie died on Sunday at 69 after quietly battling cancer for 18 months. His son confirmed the news on Twitter, posting: “Very sorry and sad to say it's true. I'll be offline for a while. Love to all."

Bowie never publicly acknowledged his illness, but released his final album, Blackstar, on Friday. On Tuesday, Billboard reported that Blackstar was already on its way to becoming Bowie's first-ever No. 1 album.

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Born David Robert Jones, Bowie is survived by his wife of 23 years, supermodel Iman; his 15-year-old daughter, Alexandria Jones; and his son, Duncan.