Jennifer Lopez Reveals 'Intense' Las Vegas Show Rehearsals: 'We're Close, but Also Not Close'

J.Lo wants everything to be perfect!

It's almost showtime!

Jennifer Lopez's Las Vegas residency kicks off on Jan. 20 at Planet Hollywood, and the pop star revealed to ET at the 2016 TCA Winter Press tour on Friday that the task of bringing "Jenny From the Block" to Sin City has been an arduous one!

"The rehearsals are intense. They're long," J.Lo explained. "People don't understand all the pieces that go into making a show."

"It's just never-ending," the 46-year-old diva admitted. "And it's like, 'Are we going to be ready for Wednesday?' I don't know. It feels like were close but we're also not close. But we'll be ready."

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The most important thing for J.Lo, of course, is the fan experience.

"I just want them to have a good time," she revealed. "I think when anybody goes to see an artist perform in concert in Vegas, they want a great show and that's what I plan to give them. A great show, a great night."

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The pressure is on, but if there's anyone who can come through it's J.Lo! The media mogul even told ET back in Aug. 2015, that she was born to do this show.

"I think I've been preparing for this my whole life," she said at the time. "I'm excited about going to Vegas [and] doing the kind of quintessential show that I've always had in my mind."

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Meanwhile, the residency isn't even the only thing on J.Lo's plate. The final season of American Idol is under way, but the celebrity judge revealed that she hopes Fox changes their mind on the decision to end the show.

"There was never that looming over our heads that this could be the last season," she shared. "I always have hope that this is just a lapse in judgment on everybody's part, and they're going to bring it back."

"It's always been a great show," J.Lo continued. "Watching the journey, seeing people's dream come true, learning about their stories and watching them become a superstar before your eyes and having a hand in voting in that, I think is exciting and will never get old to be honest."

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Of course, don't tell that to former runner-up, Clay Aiken, who threw shade on the show's final season premiere.

Watch the video below to see J.Lo's response to the diss.