Carlos PenaVega Reveals He And Wife Alexa Are Trying For a Baby

How cute will a little dancing Carlos or Alexa be?!

It's time for baby to make three! Well, almost.

Carlos PenaVega
is busy prepping for his role as Kenickie in Grease: Live!, but he has another major life event on his mind -- fatherhood!

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The former Big Time Rush singer revealed to ET that he and his wife, Alexa PenaVega, are trying to have a baby.

"I would love to get a mini PenaVega out, but it's a lot harder than I thought," the 26-year-old actor told ET at the Fox TCA winter press tour on Friday. "It's not easy. I'll just say, when it happens it happens."

While a child isn't imminent, PenaVega is still excited about the prospect of expanding his family with his wife and fellow Dancing With the Stars contestant, who he wed in 2014 -- and there's a good chance that their little boy or girl will go into the family business.

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"Believe me, I'm going to teach it to sing, dance, do things," PenaVega said.

"Hopefully it doesn't fart, because I have that talent," he jokingly added. "I'm just going to put it out there, because that's what Alexa says I can't teach the baby. Not that there is a baby or anything."

PenaVega's only baby at the moment is Grease: Live!, which he admits is a great event to be a part of, albeit a stressful one.

"I think the nerves are starting to come in now," he admitted. "We've been rehearsing for seven or eight weeks, and it's been fun. It still is fun, but I think now it's setting in that we're about to do this. We're about to go live and do a musical for like 12 or 15 million people. That's crazy!"

Much like his co-star, Vanessa Hudgens
, PenaVega thinks the toughest part of the evening will be the fast scene changes. "We literally have it timed out where you have 45 seconds in-between," he explained, noting that he's especially nervous about moving from his "Lover's Lane" scene with Rizzo (Hudgens) straight into the classic, "Grease Lightning." "There's no extra nothing -- you've got to get there. I think that's what's kind of scary about it."

Grease: Live! airs Jan. 31. on Fox.

Reporting by Leanne Aguilera.

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