Kato Kaelin Live-Tweets 'American Crime Story,' Reminds Viewers It's '#NotADocumentary'

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Kato Kaelin, the TV personality best known for serving as a witness for the prosecution during O.J. Simpson's infamous 1995 murder trial, took to Twitter on Tuesday to share some thoughts and insight on the debut of FX's miniseriesThe People vs O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

In between retweeting dozens of posts about the show and how it portrayed him, the reality star also answered questions about his feelings on the series, and whether or not it accurately portrays reality.

When asked by Twitter user @Delikett whether or not he was contacted by the producers of American Crime Story while making the true crime series, Kaelin said, "Nope!"

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"Not many people were but that was the actor's choice," he added, referring to Billy Magnussen, who plays Kaelin in the 10-part limited series.

Kaelin also told @Delikett that that he didn't feel the show was an accurate portrayal of what happened in reality.

One of Kaelin's biggest criticisms of the series seems to be the ways in which it deviates from what he says really happened.

"Did you really tell the cops you "aren't like an official person[?]" Twitter user @JaggedLittlePhil asked.

"Never said that.1 of the many things you'll see in this series that never happened,” he wrote. “Thank you, @FXNetworks #notadocumentary."

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Last month, Kaelin penned an editorial for the New York Daily News, in which he detailed everything the show got wrong, down to some of the more minute details.

"I had the chance to see a scene in which Magnussen goes jogging by the beach with a friend and basks in the attention of women in his new-found fame, only to be insulted by a passerby," Kaelin wrote in the article. "What they got wrong: I was an avid runner in those days-10 miles a day, but always alone, it was my escape. What they got right-I did receive a lot of attention and not all of it was good. The notoriety had its highs and lows."

On Twitter, Kaelin also responded to well-wishers and fans who sent him support.

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"Your hair is sooo much better now," Twitter user @j2deuce wrote. "Hope the craziness isn't too bad after this show."

"As long as there are no haters all will be good," Kaelin responded.

The 56-year-old Kaelin also shared an optimistic message, tweeting, "Tough times don't last but tough people do."

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Kaelin's discontent regarding the true crime drama was echoed by the sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, who recently sat down with ET to open up about her disappointment over not being contacted by the series prior to its production. Check out the video below to hear more from Tanya Brown's exclusive ET Interview.