EXCLUSIVE: Kim Fields 'Self-Conscious' About Being Lifted After Eating on 'Dancing With the Stars'

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Kim Fields just wants to be a good dance partner.

The Facts of Life star tells ET that Dancing With the Stars has made her worried about eating... for her partner's sake!

"You get self-conscious at the thought of someone lifting you and dragging you," the 46-year-old actress admits. "It's got to weigh like two pounds!"

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"Do you see these guns?" responds pro dancer Sasha Farber, explaining that he is more than strong enough to handle his partner's lunch.

"I do see them and I don't want to strain them," Kim jokingly answers.

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Of course, Kim is only kidding about not eating, noting, "Yesterday, I sent him like three pictures. Eating."

While food has not been an issue, Kim, who travels back-and-forth between Los Angeles and Atlanta between filming, reveals that her son is a little nervous to see her dance.

"If I show him some video of Sasha flipping and twirling somebody, he's like, 'Mr. Sasha wants you to do that? No mommy, I don't think you should do that,'" Kim shares.

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Her son may be scared, but we already know there's one big fan of Kim and her moves! She and her partner Facetimed with musician Fleur East recently, as they were preparing to dance to her song, "Sax."

Watch Kim get words of encouragement from the artist below.

Meanwhile, season 22 of Dancing With the Stars starts Monday at 8/7c on ABC.