Snoop Dogg Launches Amazing Nature Webseries 'Planet Snoop'


Snoop Dogg has launched his very own nature commentary series, Planet Snoop.

The first video, "Squirrel vs. Snake," was unveiled Friday, and it features the self-proclaimed cannabis connoisseur commentating on a battle between, well, a squirrel and a snake. Much to Snoop's surprise, the snake received quite the beat down from the rodent.

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"This squirrel is hard," the 44-year-old rapper says while watching the clip. "What gang he from?"

Snoop's website, Merry Jane, states that he plans to bring "his wild commentary to the craziest viral videos on the web," and if the first episode is any indication, we think he's going to deliver. See what we mean by watching his show, below.

Fans may remember Snoop's popular Planet Earth-style parodies on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The "Plizzanet Earth" segments, which featured the "Drop It Like It's Hot" rapper narrating animal scenes, became so popular that more than 60,000 people signed a petition begging to "Get Snoop Dogg to Narrate Whole Season of Planet Earth."

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And we can't blame them! Watching the "Gin & Juice" rapper talk about a gang of "Mongoose" (they're actually otters) going "head up" with a crocodile is freaking hilarious.

"I ain't ever seen a gator get punked by no mongooses," he quipped in the clip.

ET recently caught up with the Dogg Father during Super Bowl weekend, where he dished on one animal he's excited to see return to his home -- the Los Angeles Rams.

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"I love it. I mean, being from Long Beach, California, and an L.A. resident, living in Inglewood, we need this," he revealed. "The market is so ripe and ready for it. We deserve a sports team and we finally got an NFL football team."

To see what the diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan said he'd do when the two teams go up against each another, watch below.