Usher Shared a Nude Selfie on Snapchat (and It's Very, Very, Very, Very NSFW!)

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thirst trap to end all thirst traps.

Usher treated his Snapchat fans to a tour of his house on Thursday, which wasn't all that exciting until the 37-year-old musician decided to show off his steam room. And then proceeded to show off a whole lot more when he stripped down for a shvitz.

Oh, he also casually posted a nude with an emoji covering -- most of -- his junk.


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"Blowinoffsteam," Usher wrote over a Snap of him naked.


WARNING: It is seriously NSFW. Because, duh, it's a nude.


Are you sure you want to see it? There's still time to turn back now.


One last chance. Make sure your boss isn't looking over your shoulder.


OK, here it is:


Probably could have used a bigger emoji, Ursher, BABY!

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