Leslie Jones Can't Keep Her Hands Off Drake's Butt in New 'Saturday Night Live' Promos


Just hold on, Drake is coming home -- to the Saturday Night Live stage, that is!

The "Jumpman" rapper will play double duty as host and musical guest for the second time this weekend, and in the promos for the sketch comedy show, things got a little awkward.

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cast member Leslie Jones appears in the videos with the Canadian hip-hop star and can't seem to take her hands off of him.

"Leslie, sorry, could you not out your hand on my butt?" Drake, 29, politely asks.

"I can't make no promises," she replies, before immediately going back in for a butt-grab.

Jones then suggests an idea for a sketch, in which she would "spank" Drake like a baby.

"I don't know if I want to play a baby," Drake jokes, laughing at the thought of it.

"OK, well then we two cops, OK, where we bust into the scene and catch the robbers, right?" Jones adds. "And then, I spank you like a baby!"

Watch the full promos below.

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