Serena Williams Ate Her Dog's Gourmet Food Because It 'Looked Good,' Ran to the Toilet Two Hours Later

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Consider it a lesson learned.

Tennis star Serena Williams was recently tempted enough by her dog Chip's tasty-looking dog food to take a bite, but she definitely ended up regretting it. The 34-year-old pro told the whole story on Snapchat, explaining that the hotel in Rome she's staying at has a fancy "Doggy Menu," and that the dishes look exactly like human food. After noting that her Yorkie's beef and vegetable dish looked better than her own food, she decided to try Chip's salmon and rice dish the next day.

It’s safe to say things didn't end well.

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"Don't judge me, I ate a spoonful!" Serena admitted. "Let's fast forward to two hours -- I just ran to the toilet. Like, I thought I was gonna pass out."

"It did taste weird," she added. "I forced swallowed it ... it tasted a little bit like a house cleaner kind of thing."

Though Serena laughed off the incident, she did say she felt "really sick."

"I don't think it's consumable for humans ... and they should have wrote that!" she joked. "I am on the struggle boat. I guess I'm going to look really svelte on the court tomorrow."

To add insult to injury, the dog food was pretty pricey.

"But really though, what was I thinking? 15 euros for a soup, yesterday I paid 18 euros for beef and chicken, and today I paid 15 euros for that stuff that’s making me go to the bathroom," she explained. "I mean, I need a life."

Serena later left a kind note on the doggy menu should another person fall into the same trap.

"IF YOU ARE HUMAN -- DO NOT EAT. IT MAKES YOU SH*T!" she wrote as a hilarious disclaimer.

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