Shirtless Justin Bieber Holds and Feeds a Baby Lion -- Check Out the Adorable Moment


This is the second wild feline he's petted in a month.

Justin Bieber might not pose with fans, but he'll gladly hang with wild animals.

While in Toronto, Canada, entrepreneur Alex Haditaghi let a shirtless Bieber hold his pet baby lion while they posed for a photo. "Somebody else is also in love with my baby!" Haditaghi captioned the pic on Wednesday.

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A video of the 22-year-old singer feeding the baby lion was also posted, and you can see him giving the animal a sweet kiss on the head. "After being fed by Justin Bieber, Alex is one of his biggest fans!" Haditaghi said of his lion. "Justin really cares about the conservation of these beautiful animals! He is truly a class act and awesome guy!"

This would be the second feline that Bieber has posed with in a month. Haditaghi also posted a pic of the pop star petting a full-grown tiger while at his father Jeremy Bieber's engagement party. "The earth has music for those who listen! Well Beiber has lots of love for my favorite beauty!" he wrote at the time.

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Here's an inside look inside the lavish engagement party for the "Sorry" singer's dad and his bride-to-be: