EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Carey on Who Will Wear the Pants in Her Marriage and Avoiding Grocery Store Lighting

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Mariah Carey dished to ET's favorite daytime diva, Sharon Osbourne, about her new love and how she stays in shape.

The 46-year-old singer sat down with ET's special correspondent in Las Vegas on Monday, where Carey is back at Caesars Palace for the fourth leg of her #1 to Infinity residency. Between the residency and her upcoming docuseries, Mariah's World, the GRAMMY winner has a lot on her plate, but she still plans to marry her fiancé, Australian billionaire James Packer, this year.

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"That is the goal," Carey told Osbourne cautiously.

While it may be a difficult goal to accomplish, Carey isn't one to be counted out. Whatever Mimi wants, Mimi usually gets, which led Osbourne to another question: who will wear the trousers in the relationship?

"Oh, darling! How can you ask me that question?" Carey said. "Of course he'll wear his trousers, and I'll wear whatever ensemble I'm going to wear," she added with a laugh.

Carey remained tight-lipped on her wedding dress, but we know that whatever the gown, she will look amazing in it. The "Infinity" singer is looking better than ever and she opened up about her personal weight struggle.

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"The funny thing with me is I would always be like, 'Oh! I gained weight,' because I am muscular, so sometimes I don't even notice it," Carey explained. "Now I have been pretty consistent with this bleak diet that I am on."

Whatever her diet includes, we're guessing she doesn't pick up the items in person. Carey and Osbourne had a diva-off when they landed on the topic of grocery stores.

"When was the last time you went grocery shopping?" Osbourne asked.

"Grocery shopping? It's pretty bad lighting in the grocery store!" Carey answered. "Have you not noticed it's fluorescent lighting?"

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Carey then turned the tables, challenging Osbourne, "Tell me you go to the grocery store."

"F**k no!" Osbourne said.

"Exactly!" Carey said with a laugh. "So why the f**k should I?"

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Mariah's World is set to premiere later this year.