Taylor Swift Made Zayn Malik Blush in Front of His Girlfriend - Find Out How!

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Zayn Malik has revealed that Taylor Swift once made him blush while the pair were hanging at his girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s house.

In a new interview with Dazed, the 23-year-old pop star confessed that as he gets older he has been avoiding going out too much and prefers to stick to his own “bubble,” creatively and socially.

That means steering away from asking industry peers for feedback on his music, but one pop colleague did share her opinion – and it turned his cheeks red!

“I spoke a bit to Taylor,” Malik told the UK fashion and culture magazine. “At Gigi’s house we briefly spoke and she told me she really enjoyed the album. It was nice to get some feedback. She said she thought I was cool and I kind of blushed a bit and didn’t know how to take it.”

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Despite the A-list hangs and famous girlfriend, the former boy bander added that even after five years in the global limelight with One Direction, he’s still not used to hanging with celebrities.
“I haven’t done much acclimatin’” he reflected. “I’m just staying the way that I am. I think that’s the best way to keep your sanity. You’ve got to hold on to what you are and not let things get to your head, because if you do, that’s when everything comes crashing down terribly.”

Holding onto his true self was something which likely influenced the “Pillowtalk” singer’s decision to leave One Direction and pursue a solo career. <p> While the news, announced in March last year, devastated a worldwide army of fans, Malik says he needed to “start expressing the way I felt about certain things.”

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Knowing it was time to move on from the chart-topping quintet, the singer didn’t think twice when record label RCA approached him.

“They seemed to treat me as though I was an artist for the first time, which felt really cool,” Malik continued to Dazed. “And they respected the music. I had written a lot of it before I went with RCA and they liked where I was going and wanted to give me freedom so I was like, ‘Cool.’”

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In the interview, the part-Irish, English and Pakistani star also shared that his second solo album is in the works, that his style is greatly influenced by late legend Prince and that he can read Arabic.

“I was taught to read it because I read the Islamic books and they’re in Arabic, but I couldn’t understand what I was saying,” he explained. “I have always liked poetry. I have always liked language and the way you can say a certain thing in a certain way and it can be perceived so differently by whoever is listening, because of whatever time they are at in their life. That is something that has always fascinated me and I’ve always enjoyed writing. English was always my strong subject.”

See more about Malik and Hadid in the video below.

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