Chrissy Teigen Ran Outside Half-Naked With Luna During Emergency Drill -- Watch the Snapchats!

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What do you get when you mix a half-naked Chrissy Teigen, an adorable baby and public humiliation? A damn good Snapchat story, that's what!

"Our hotel warned us last night they were doing an emergency drill today but I still freaked out and ran outside half naked with the baby," Teigen tweeted on Thursday. "Truly thought it was over for us. Can never show my face around these employees ever again."

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In the snaps documenting the hilarious incident, Teigen is seen walking past other guests in the hallway while in a towel. The 30-year-old Lip Sync Battle co-host is holding baby Luna and can't stop laughing as she tells the camera, "Our hotel had an emergency drill. It scared the s**t out of me."

She followed it up with a shot of the message from the hotel, underlining, "Not mandating for guests to participate." "Oops," she wrote over the Snap.

Never one to avoid a TMI moment, Teigen later added on Twitter, "I just threw up. I do not handle fake trauma well."

All's well that ends well, though, and she ended with a joking video, deadpanning to the camera, "We just want to thank you all for your prayers and your well wishes. We're okay. Feeling pretty blessed."

In other adorable baby Luna news, Teigen recently shared some cute shots of her daughter getting love from "auntie" Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Check them out in the video below.