T.R. Knight Rescues Malnourished Dog on the Way to the Grand Canyon

Getty Images

On his way to the Grand Canyon over the weekend, T.R. Knight's vacation took an unexpected turn.

The Grey's Anatomy star had to put the trip on hold when he encountered a little dog "darting back and forth on the busy freeway."

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In an Instagram post from Monday, Knight, the owner of at least three other dogs with his spouse Patrick Leahy, shared that he pulled over to help the pooch.

"He was emaciated with his ribs and hip bones poking through, covered in ticks and fleas," he wrote. "We took him to @canyonpethospital and met our heroes Michelle, Jessica, Katie, Kristen and Dr. Amstutz. They spent over 2 hours removing hundreds of ticks from this brave little guy."

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After their visit to Canyon Pet Hospital in Arizona, the dog found a new home with Knight.

"The Grand Canyon will have to wait, as we welcome our newest family member," he wrote. "Meet Traveler, a sweetheart (even when he is pooping all over me in the pet store). Another adventure begins!"