Kaley Cuoco's Horses Are Getting More Famous Than Her, and That's a Problem!

'The Big Bang Theory' star is struggling to keep a low profile in the equestrian world.

Kaley Cuoco’s horses are about the blow her cover! The 30-year-old Big Bang Theory star has been enjoying her passion for horseback riding in her downtime from filming the tenth season of her hit show.

“It's become a very important part of my life, very serious,” Cuoco told Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night. “It kind of levels me out with this whole Hollywood thing.”

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But as she tries to fit into the “high end” equestrian world, Cuoco is attempting to keep a low profile.

“Bringing paparazzi to horse shows is not a great idea,” she said. “It spooks the horses, so I've actually started showing under a secret name. I have a little bit of an alias which would be really stupid if I said the name right now, so I've been trying to steer clear of being super noticeable, but it’s a little bit hard when you’re being followed around.”

Unfortunately, even with a good secret name, Cuoco is getting noticed, thanks to her famous horses.

“The problem is too in the horse world, a lot of people know what horses you ride and the names of them, and my horses are becoming a little bit more famous than I am,” the CBS star admitted. “I have a horse named Poker Face, and I feel like that’s not hiding anything.”

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She also quipped that she gives Poker Face and his pals a beer after they win.

“I put it in their feed and they love it! I don’t let him jump and drink. I'd make him take an Uber back to the barn,” she joked. “I just give them one, they love the flavor, it's great. Poker Face prefers IPA.”

As for her time on TBBT, Cuoco couldn’t answer whether the show will return after Season 10.

“It’s a very expensive question for a lot of people,” she admitted.

For more from the show’s 10th season, watch the video below!