Jada Pinkett Smith Flashes Glam Birthday Gift From Son Jaden: Gold Grills!

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Leave it to Jaden Smith to come up with this unique birthday gift!

The 18-year-old apparently bought mom Jada Pinkett Smith a gold grill for her 45th birthday, which the actress rang in on Sunday. Jada showed off her new accessory in a Twitter photo posted on Tuesday.

"When your son buys you grillz for your 45th birthday," she wrote with a smiley face.

The Bad Moms star opened up to ET about parenting earlier this year at Cinema-Con.

"I have to stay up until 12, sweating, making sure they are getting in on their curfew," she revealed. "That's kind of how my Friday nights are."

Jada says that when it comes to parenting, she also learned from past experiences and struggles she and her husband of 18 years, Will Smith, have had with guardianship.

"You have to be in partnership with them, there's no more dictating," she explained. "I did that with two -- we adopted a nephew, and I had my goddaughter -- and it just didn't go well. It just didn't."

"It's fine now, they're adults, and they got past their difficult times," she continued. "But I learned from them to do it a different way with Jaden and Willow."

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