EXCLUSIVE: Janet Jackson Pregnant at 50: What a Fertility Specialist Says She Should and Shouldn't Worry About

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Janet Jackson is prepping for motherhood!

The "Dammn Baby" singer, who is expecting her first child with husband Wissam Al Mana, was spotted out and about during a rare public appearance in London on Tuesday, giving fans a peek at her burgeoning belly in pics exclusively obtained by ET.

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But at 50 years old, is Jackson putting herself at risk with pregnancy? ET recently sat down with fertility expert Dr. Catherine Deugarte, who broke down all the things Jackson should and shouldn't worry about as she prepares for childbirth.

While it's unknown if Jackson became pregnant naturally, Deugarte explains that there are other popular options women use when they're looking to start a family, especially at an older age.

"At age 50, if you do get pregnant naturally, which is very unlikely, there is a very high chance of a miscarriage or having an abnormal baby," she says. "The chance of getting pregnant at 49 [or later] with your own eggs is less than one percent."

"The other scenarios are they use an egg donor, through the use of in vitro fertilization, with or without the use of a gestational surrogate," she continues. "Or, you can get pregnant with embryo or eggs that you had frozen in your younger days."

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Deugarte adds that as long as Jackson's under the proper care of a doctor, however, she shouldn't have to stress much.

"Carrying a baby [at this age] is not a problem as long as you have normal health and your uterus looks great," the fertility specialist confirms. "Once you are pregnant, especially if it's just one baby, and you're in good health, the chance of delivering a healthy baby is just as good as somebody who's younger."

But with every pregnancy, there is always the possibility of some risk. Deugarte tells ET that women of Jackson's age can be at higher risks of C-sections. "They also have a higher chance of high blood pressure, diabetes in pregnancy, and delivering pre-term or before the baby's due," she adds.

Last April, Jackson announced she was postponing her Unbreakable World Tour in order to start a family in a video posted to YouTube.

"I thought it was important that you be the first to know," she said in the clip. "My husband and I are planning our family, so I'm going to have to delay the tour. Please, if you could try and understand that it's important that I do this now. I have to rest up, doctor's orders."

Deugarte tells ET that "taking it easy" is important.

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"You definitely want them to take it easy," she explains. "Usually [this] means no heavy activities, such as horseback riding or roller coasters or exercising. Sometimes pelvic rest is recommended, so no intercourse if you're worried about somebody delivering early."

To hear the latest update on Jackson's pregnancy (and see pics of her baby bump!) watch the video below, and be sure to tune in to Wednesday's Entertainment Tonight for more.

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