Katie Couric on Being Cyberbullied Over Her Appearance: 'I Never Get Used to It'

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Katie Couric has been the victim of cyberbullying quite a bit over the course of her decades-long career in TV.

While on Anna Faris' podcast, Unqualified, the 59-year-old journalist gave accounts of when she had been insulted in regard to her appearance.

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“[The other day] I was going through my Facebook mentions -- and I don’t go on Facebook that much, I really use Twitter and Instagram a little bit more -- but I was looking at Facebook because I had posted this profile of this darling girl named Abby Shapiro who died of osteosarcoma when she was just 16 years old," Couric recalled. "I posted this tribute to her because I was doing that in the days leading up to our [Stand Up to Cancer] event and I read this comment and some guy said: ‘Katie, I watched your interview with Tom Hanks. Clearly you’re over-tanning -- your skin looks like a monkey scrotum.'"

"I thought, 'Wow, really?' First of all, I thought, 'Oh gosh, maybe I am over-tanning,'" she continued. "But then I thought, 'What motivates someone to be so nasty?'"

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Faris also shared her cyberbullying experiences. "I mean, I’ve had people totally tear apart my looks time and time again," she said. "Everybody gets it but it does remind you of this negative side of human nature that is very disconcerting and disappointing."

"I think when you become a public figure, per se, people completely lose sight that you’re a real person,” Couric further explained. "It's this weird kind of objectification, or depersonalization, and when I read these mean comments it’s like a knife in my heart."

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The former Today show co-host admitted that she tends to "rationalize" or "sort of come to terms with" why someone would choose to say such mean things by assuming that they're "really unhappy."

"It's very easy, I think, when you’re in a bad place to lash out at people who seem to be happy or seem to have things that you don’t have," she said. "I think that’s a very weird primal instinct. I don’t know if you all have ever felt jealous or resentful of people, but it’s almost like this thing that kind of bubbles up in you and you can’t necessarily keep it at bay."

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That being said, Couric still takes the comments to heart. "It’s really hard for me to handle and I’ve been doing this a long time,” she confessed. "Everybody gets it but it does remind you of this negative side of human nature that is very disconcerting and disappointing."

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