EXCLUSIVE: 'Stranger Things' Actress Shannon Purser Opens Up About Her Past Struggles With Self Harm

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Shannon Purser opened up to her Twitter followers about the struggles she's faced in the past in hopes that her story can help someone else who's might be going through something similar.

On Monday, the Stranger Things actress -- who portrays Barbara “Barb” Holland in the popular Netflix series -- posted a photo of a razor blade with the caption: "*TRIGGER WARNING* I haven't self-harmed in years, but I kept this around, 'just in case.' I forgot it was there and now it's in the trash."

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She followed up that tweet with an optimistic message. "Recovery is possible," Purser wrote. "Please don’t give up on yourself."

The 19-year-old TV star also spoke with ET exclusively about her decision to speak about her painful past, and share such a personal photo. "I'm so happy to be able to help other people by talking about my struggles," she said. "I guess I'd just say, 'You're worthy of love, valuable, and beautiful. You can and will get through this.'"

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Purser added, "Getting the help you need to deal with this is a form of self-love and you are worth it."

Reporting by Ashley Crossan.

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