Diane Kruger Pays Tribute to Late Stepfather: 'Thank You for Making My Mom So Happy'

Getty Images

Diane Kruger is mourning the death of her stepfather.

On Wednesday, the 40-year-old actress paid tribute to her stepdad on Instagram with a heartfelt message and a photo of him with her mother, Maria-Theresa Heidkrüger. "Thank you for making my mom so happy and bringing peace to our family. R.I.P.," she wrote.

Kruger was escorted by her mother and stepfather to several red-carpet events, including the 2010 Goldene Kamera Awards in Berlin, Germany.

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Also this week, it was confirmed that Will Smith's father Willard Carroll Smith, Sr. had died. "Dad was tough but not tyrannical," Smith reportedly told Essence magazine in an earlier interview. "He kept me in line. He'd get this look that said, 'One more step, Will, and it'll get ugly.' He was an independent businessman -- he set up refrigeration in supermarkets -- and he always provided for us. He's a steady and positive figure in my life."

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