Kelly Osbourne Reveals Mom Sharon Is Undergoing Back Surgery for a Pinched Nerve

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Kelly Osbourne is cheering on her mama!

On Wednesday's episode of The Talk, the 32-year-old fashionista revealed remotely that her mother, Sharon Osbourne, is undergoing back surgery after suffering pain from a pinched nerve.

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"Hi everyone at The Talk. Mum's in surgery. She's doing really well," Kelly explained in a video recorded at the hospital. "I just want to thank you guys so much for giving her the time off to do this. Thank everybody for their love and support, and thank the hospital because they've been doing such amazing work."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," she continued. "And trust me, she's going to be fine."

Ahead of the surgery, Sharon, 64, took to Instagram, sharing a caption-less pic of herself making the shape of a heart with her hands.

Fans were quick to send her well wishes, writing things like, "Sending prayers for a speedy recovery," "❤ love and light ?," and "Get well Mrs. O."

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Sharon revealed on the show last week that she was suffering from a painful back injury, and would be undergoing back surgery for the second time.

"Right now, I have a trapped nerve in my back, and it's killing me," she exclaimed at the time. "That's why I wasn’t in last week -- I have a trapped nerve, pinched between my L3 and L4 and I had to have, what is it when you have a baby? Epidural!"

"Yes, and there was no baby, but I had an epidural," she continued. "And I woke up to no baby, just a bad back."

When asked what the next steps were, Sharon explained that doctors told her to wait another week, and her back "hasn't fixed it[self]," then she'd have to go back and have surgery.

Get well soon, Sharon!

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