EXCLUSIVE: 'Baywatch' Babes Alexandra Daddario & Ilfenesh Hadera Talk Bikini Confidence, Zac Efron's Abs


Thanks to Alexandra Daddario and Ilfenesh Hadera, we now know what Zac Efron's abs feel like!

ET caught up with the Baywatch stars at Marie Claire's Fresh Faces fête at the Doheny Room in West Hollywood, California, on Friday, where they marveled over their co-star's insanely hot bod.

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"Yes! I actually did [touch them]," cover girl Daddario gushed, when asked if she's ever come up close and personal with Efron's abdominals. "Early on, I had to do a scene where I had to flirt with him and touch his waist."

"It was sort of like a -- I wasn't prepared. It was like an animalistic shock went through me," she continued. "I don't know, he's like not human. He's like something Michelangelo carved. I've never seen a man that looks like him. It's incredible."

Incredible, indeed!

And while Hadera didn't physically graze Efron's rock-hard stomach, she spent a lot of time on set staring at his seemingly flawless physique.

"I didn't go for the ab touch," she admitted. "They're so kind of like unreal that you just wanna leave 'em alone."

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But after getting to know her co-star, she's happy to say there's so much more than meets the eye.

"He's wonderful and he's smart and so talented," she exclaimed. "So, you know, he becomes less of a body and more of Zac Efron this great guy."

ET also talked to the gals about what it was like filming a movie where they're basically in a bathing suit the entire time. While Daddario revealed confidence is key, Hadera explained it required a lot of prep work.

"I turned 31 recently, and through my twenties I learned that as a woman, being confident with how you look and how you feel is the most important thing," said Daddario, who celebrated her birthday last month. "I think no matter what, there's always something that you're going to criticize about yourself. Confidence is attractive, and confidence is sexy."

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"Being in a bathing suit every day, you just had to be like, 'OK. I'm going to put the work in and I'm doing this,'" she continued. "And yes, it sucks, I couldn't eat a hamburger in the middle of set, but you just sort of throw away how you feel about what you look like and just focus on the work, and that's what I tried to do."

"Confidence is important but so is preparation," added Hadera. "We all worked really hard to feel our best on set. We had a great bunch of people who helped us out with that. And the costumes were awesome. [Designer] Dayna Pink made sure that we felt great in whatever we wore, so yeah, it was a team effort. We didn't just roll up there."

That being said, they were both pretty excited to grub out once filming finally wrapped. When ET visited the set last November, Hadera said she already had her first post-Baywatch meal in mind, and on Friday, we learned she stuck to her word!

"I said I was going to have a steak au poivre and a glass of red wine at Raoul's, one of my favorite restaurants in New York. And I had a steak au poivre and a glass of red wine and an entire order of fries, and I didn't feel bad about it at all!" she admitted. "Which rarely happens, but I felt like I deserved that."

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As for Daddario? She's been enjoying her favorite sweet treat -- ice cream!

"I didn't not splurge while I was working, but I did get in the habit of having more ice cream every night than I normally had," she shared. "I do have an ice cream habit that I sort of cut out for Baywatch and now I'm back on that."

As we patiently wait to see these lovely ladies on the big screen when Baywatch hits theaters on May 25, watch the video below to hear more behind-the-scenes secrets from set.