EXCLUSIVE: Camila Alves on Balancing It All as a Working Mom, Wife to Matthew McConaughey

The 35-year-old model and entrepreneur also talks about her organic baby food line, Yummy Spoonfuls.

Camila Alves is the definition of a boss lady.

The 35-year-old model and entrepreneur stopped by ET to talk about how she balances her busy schedule, being a mother of three and wife to movie star Matthew McConaughey.

"I like to keep my priorities straight every day. My priorities are my family, my kids, my husband and my home. And the list goes down from there," Alves told ET's Lauren Zima. "So at the end of the day, as long as – no matter what is going on, what stressful thing or problems that I'm having – I can go back to my priority list and check that. That helps me keep it calm throughout the day."

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Alves, mother to sons Levi, 8, and Livingston, 4, and daughter Vida, 7, keeps busy with her blog, Women of Today, and her organic baby food line, Yummy Spoonfuls, a company that she says is a "family affair."

"My daughter would come to me and be like, 'Mom, I'm so proud of you that you're choosing to help families feed what's healthy for them.' And she's seven!" Alves gushed about her kids understanding her need to work and help others. "I'm like, they're understanding that this is really a mission. It's a bigger thing than [us]. My 4-year-old, just yesterday said, 'Can I have Yummy Spoonfuls?' We had run out, they ate all of them and he goes, 'Can you buy 10 of them?'"

"So they know about all of it," Alves continued. "They understand and I explained to them when we were doing it, making the product in our kitchen. I drove them over there, I showed them how it works, made them understand all of it. So they're a big part of it and they taste test everything that we're doing."

The company is currently holding a fun #YummyMinionsContest, where families can share adorable pics of their little healthy eater’s messy moments for a chance to win special prizes.

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With everything on her plate, Alves still manages to keep her family together and travel wherever McConaughey goes.

"It gets a little tricky," Alves said about trying to take care of her business when McConaughey is working. "When he goes to work, we all go. So we have been doing that since even before kids. It's a way that we love to keep everything together and stay connected that way. It's really good for the kids."

"But for me, it gets a little crazy. So I have to do quick 24-hour trips," Alves explained. "Like, fly in the morning, fly out that night or the next morning. A lot of Skype for business. And then it gets tricky when we're in places that don't get reception. You find ways, you get creative and you find people around that you like. I don’t have a big production team or anything like that. It's just me and this lovely right-hand person that I have that do everything. So when you see the cooking stuff, it's really just us doing it."

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Alves, who has been working from a very young age, added that being productive "is something that is branded in me" and thinks it's important to have her children see their parents working hard.

But would she be up for her kids wanting a career in show business?

"It's not like, 'Oh, you gotta do it or you can't do it,'" Alves dished. "Basically, we'll support them in whatever they want to do. It's their journey and we are here to help them and guide them in the best way that we can. So if that's what they fall in love with, then sure, absolutely."

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